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Viagra is a very commonly known drug. Almost every adult American has heard of this name and its use. It was first introduced in 1998 and the blue little pills have been the talk of the world. In simple terms, the Viagra helps a man get an erection, when sexually stimulated. There are a lot of people who buy Viagra today.

Viagra generic Vs Viagra brand

When you plan to buy Viagra online, you would see two different types of Viagra, the brand and generic. The sites which sell Viagra online would have both: genetic and brand. If you have a hard time choosing between those two, you are probably wasting time. There is no difference in the chemical composition, when it comes to generic and brand. When Viagra was introduced for the first time, the company that produced it, patented it so that no one else can imitate it. Thus, the patent Viagra is the brand Viagra. After the patent got expired, Viagra can be produced by all the other companies and thus those Viagra are generic.


One cannot say that there is no difference between generic and brand Viagra. The chemical composition and the amount of the active ingredient; sildenafil citrate would be the same. However, when you get Viagra online, the generic and the brand Viagra might not be of the same color or shape. Some of the inactive ingredients might change. Whether you buy Viagra online or from a pharmacy, both the brand and the generic Viagra are the same.

Some countries do not officially sell generic Viagra. USA and Canada are the best example of the countries which do not sell Viagra. There are many other countries which allow sales and production of both generic and brand Viagra. The main difference between the brand and the generic is the price. Just because the Viagra brand is costlier than the generic one, it does not mean that the latter is less effective. It just means that the Viagra brand companies have spent a lot of money in creating the pills and patenting it and thus, they have to sell it for a higher price. Not all generic brands are same and of good quality. It is always better to choose the best site or pharmacy to buy Viagra. People usually search where to get Viagra online and end up browsing bogus sites. It is always better to choose a site which is reliable. Compare two or three sites and if a generic brand is available in the most of the sites, then it can be trusted.

Most of the men stick to brand Viagra even though they need to pay a lot more than the generic one because, they are not satisfied with the information that both generic and brand Viagra are the same. To get over this confusion, a simple test can be made. One should buy a pack of brand Viagra and use it for a month and followed by a month with generic Viagra. If there is no difference between those two months, then the generic Viagra is as good as the brand one. This test can be used if you find a new generic Viagra and could not figure out whether it is fake or a quality one.

Have you ever wondered how to buy Viagra online? The sites would have a shopping cart for you to choose the type of Viagra and the number of pills you require. You need to type in your credit card or debit card number and buy Viagra. The shipping time would also be mentioned on the site. It is actually very easy, simple and effective to buy Viagra online. You need not stand in the counter, feel embarrassed and also need not be worried about being seen by someone. You can buy Viagra whenever you feel like and wherever you want. It is just that you need to get access to a site, which is reliable. If you are planning to follow the above said points, the chances of ending up in a right site are very high. If you are planning to buy Viagra for the very first time, visit your doctor to know about it or even ask in doctor forums you find online, to gather more knowledge. It is always better to check twice, before starting a new medication.

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